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We make films, we write and we design. Our intelligent approach to ideas and a strong shared aesthetic is at the heart of what we do. 

We create work that has substance and is unique in the forest of online and offline media, utilising everything from traditional stop-frame animation to the latest digital technologies. 

Our projects get shared and talked about.

"Working with LennoxLovegrove was a great experience from start to finish. They were meticulous over every detail of planning, scene composition and editing whilst being fun and friendly to work with."

Alexander Metcalfe



"Thank you for a truly wonderful piece of work. It is magical, definitely tugs on the heartstrings and captures the essence of Juliets. Thanks again for your dedication."

Simon Cope, co-founder and Executive Chef, Juliets



"Creates an ocean of blue water between us and the competition and communicates directly with our very specific market."

Charlie Ellingworth, Marketing Director and founder, Property Vision LLP

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