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Keith Lovegrove has devised, written and designed four books to date.

Published by Laurence King Publishing, UK

Airline: Style at 30,000 Feet Keith Lovegrove

Airline: Style at 30,000 Feet

Devised, written and designed by Keith Lovegrove


Airline celebrates the culture of air travel, from branding and interiors, to food and fashion – and analyses the results of the airlines' relentless quest to vie for attention.


'Glamorous, luxurious, sexy.'

The Sunday Telegraph


'Everybody should have a copy on their coffee table.'

BBC Radio 4

Graphicswallah Keith Lovegrove


Graphics in India

Devised, written and designed by Keith Lovegrove

with photography by Andrew Hasson


'Years of spillage have left an amalgam of multi-coloured, solidified globules on the floor that resemble the candlewax drippings on an ancient temple altar.'

To encounter street graphics in India is to experience a metaphorical slapping of the senses; Graphicswallah documents the colourful and innovative creativity of commercial art in India.

'A fabulous insight to street life in India.'

BBC World Service


'Few things have made me want to haul my ass to India more than this book!'

Amazon reviewer

Railway: Identity, Design and Culture Keith Lovegrove

Railway: Identity, Design and Culture


Railroad: Identity, Design and Culture (title in USA)

Devised, written and designed by Keith Lovegrove


'On a cold night in 1967, the westbound North Coast service calls in at Spokane Junction, Washington State. Air brakes exhale a sigh of relief as 1,000 tonnes of train rolls to a stop.'


Railway reveals how engineers, product designers, chefs and corporate identity consultants have created and exploited the unique sensation of travelling by train.


'You don't have to be a train spotter to appreciate Keith Lovegrove's new book.'

Design Week


'An entertaining and informative read with a fantastic array of images, and your coffee table will look all the better for it.'


Pageant: The Beauty Contest Keith Lovegrove

Pageant: The Beauty Contest

Devised, written and designed by Keith Lovegrove


'The event is being filmed, so the faux leopard-skin carpet of the club is covered with cables, held down with black electrical tape, like a dozen flattened snakes.'

Pageant celebrates the culture of the beauty contest, from the well- known spectacles of Miss World and Mr Universe to the flamboyance of Alternative Miss World and sub-culture contests such as Miss Nude UK.

'Lavishly illustrated... eye popping.'

Gail Cooke,

National Book Critics Circle



Portraits From The Woods

Photographs by Keith Lovegrove


Woodlanders is a collection of sixty photographic portraits of those who dwell and work amidst the trees, taken over a period of eight years.

Due for publication 2025

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