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Airline: Style at 30,000 Feet

Glamorous, luxurious, sexy.

The Sunday Telegraph


Everybody should have a copy on their coffee table.

BBC Radio 4


Graphicswallah: Graphics in India

A fabulous insight into street life in India.

BBC World Service

Few things have made me want to haul my ass to India more than this book!

Amazon reviewer



Railway: Identity, Design and Culture

Railroad: Identity, Design and Culture (title in USA)

You don't have to be a train spotter to appreciate Keith Lovegrove's new book.

Design Week


An entertaining and informative read with a fantastic array of images, and your coffee table will look all the better for it.



Pageant: The Beauty Contest

Lavishly illustrated... eye popping.

Gail Cooke, National Book Critics Circle


Mémoires d'un Amnésique:

A piano, a film and Erik Satie, in his own words

Skillfully combines the musical skills of Alex Metcalfe with outstanding film production work by Keith Lovegrove. Wonderfully artistic pieces, utterly mesmerising. Alluringly hypnotic and seductively bewildering.​ It is a fabulously well-crafted work of cinematic excellence as well as being a masterly piano recital – when all of that is put together the result is an installation piece that would probably sit very well in any modern art museum.

The Greater Manchester Reviewer

I thoroughly enjoyed Mémoires d’un Amnésique and would definitely recommend it. Classy, thoughtful and skilfully absurd, it was an atmospheric and beautifully constructed dip into the Parisian avant-garde. So good, you could almost taste the absinthe.

Hannah Kate, Manchester FM

Congratulations on your wonderful, touching work. I went through so many emotions watching it.

Rogha Bhríde Radio Show, Galway​

A production that I would happily attend again – lovingly created, very moving and skilfully performed.

Nicola Benge, Brighton & Hove News

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